Text of Report

On 09 December 2011, at approximately 00:45hrs, while assigned to the mark 542 unit/sector 2, I, office M Lee was on scene and assisting Officer B. Vragovic (541) with a traffic stop. After Officer Vragovic placed MINCHEOL SONG under arrest ( ref. case #2011-6750) SONG was placed into the marked 555 unit by Officers K. Healy and M. O’Connor. At this point in time a subject later identified as SAMUEL W SHAUGHNESSY (D.O.B. 10/02/87), approached the passenger side rear door of the marked 555 unit where SONG was being contained (473 Harvard St.) . SHAUGHNESSY was stumbling forward with his left arm outstretched shouting “Officer”.


Unknowing what SHAUGHNESSY’s intentions were as he stumbled toward a police vehicle containing a subject in the custody of the Brookline police (SONG), Office Vragovic and myself quickly advanced toward SHAUGHNESSY. I instructed him to have a seat on the curb after observing that SHAUGHNESSY had several abrasions to the knuckles of his left hand, a torn left pants leg approximately mid length of his blue jeans in the area of his knee and appeared to have urinated himself. There was a strong odor of alcoholic beverage and urine emanating from SHAUGHNESSY who appeared to be highly intoxicated. I asked SHAUGHNESSY where he was coming from, what had happened to him and his pants. SHAUGHNESSY was incoherent and unable to articulate what happened. SHAUGHNESSY then lifted his left pants leg and displayed a severe abrasion to his left leg which was still bleeding. Fallon EMS was activated to evaluate SHAUGHNESSY’s injuries. He continued to yell and draw officer’s attention away from the arrest and transport that originally brought officers to the area (2011-6750).


As FALLON EMS was arriving on scene, SHAUGHNESSY became agitated and tried to stand up. Out of concern for SHAUGHNESSY’s safety and well-being, along with the moderate volume of traffic still passing our location, I instructed SHAUGHNESSY to sit back on the curb so paramedics could examine his injuries. After doing as instructed, SHAUGHNESSY removed his cell phone from his pocket where he then placed it to his right ear and appeared to speak with an unknown subject. SHAUGHNESSY abruptly stood up and began to run for no known reason into the street, screaming incoherently. Officer N. Brother (543) along with Officer B. Vragovic (541) and I took control of SHAUGHNESSY and placed him into custody for Disorderly Person. SHAUGHNESSY’s active resistance caused all officers to fall to the ground in such a manner that he created a substantial risk of bodily injury, and caused one of the witnesses to the event, BAE, to be alarmed by what transpired.


Fallon EMS diverted from their original call and brought the stretcher bed over to SHAUGHNESSY, where he was placed on top of and brought over to the ambulance. SHAUGHNESSY was transported by Fallon EMS to the BIDMC for his injuries accompanied by myself and Officer N. Brother (543). While en route to the BIDMC, SHAUGHNESSY who was still handcuffed and restrained by the seatbelts attached to the stretcher bed, spit on to the shelving unit which contains sterile medical supplies.


Upon arrival to the BIDMC, SHAUGHNESSY was admitted into triage and assigned to room 12. SHAUGHNESSY was in the process of being transferred to a hospital gurney while being explained that he would be Summonsed by the Brookline District Court for his actions at 473 Harvard St. SHAUGHNESSY, who was still handcuffed, suddenly began shouting “I am a federal employee for Major League Baseball”, “I am De Jesus”, “I am the first coming” where then then raised both his feet above his head and began kicking in a backwards motion in the direction of Officer N. Brother who was standing at the head of both gurneys. While SHAUGHNESSY was actively kicking his feet into the air, in the direction of Officer N. Brother, SHUGHNESSY struck BIDMC Public Safety Officer Steven Wright on the left side of his head and ear with his shoed foot. SHAUGHNESSY was quickly restrained by Officers N. Brother, myself, BIDMC Public Safety Officers and medical staff where he was placed in 4 point restraints and given a facial mask due to his previous incident of spitting. While in restraints, SHAUGHNESSY began shouting “Kill me now” at the medical staff.


While Wright was being quickly examined by Lynne Collins in room 12, SHAUGHNESSY stated aloud to Wright “I didn’t mean to kick you, I was aiming for them”.


BIDMC Supervisor, Sgt. Jeffrey Doucette, who was present and one of the Public Safety Officers assisting in restraining SHAUGHNESSY, informed me that he will be completing a report on the incident and will be filing charges with the Roxbury District Court. BIDMC Supervisor Sgt. George Emanuel was arrived and was advised of the situation.


At this time SAMUEL W. SHAUGHNESSY is still in the care of the BIDMC, where upon discharge will be transported to the Brookline Police Station (350 Washington St) to be processed and booked for the following charges: M.G.L.c.275/53 Disorderly Person, M.G.L.c.268/32B Resisting Arrest and M.G.L.c.265/13D Assault and Battery to a Police Officer (shod foot).


A Brookline District Court Criminal Court Application has been completed and filed against SAMUEL W. SHAUGHNESSY for the above listed charges.


Respectfully Submitted

OFC M. LEE #122